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Reina Morishita

I sing because...

DSC_0380 2.jpg

I love singing.​

I would love to share the songs I love.

And more...

I would like to be beside you with my song

whenever you need me.


1st Album "Shape Of Your Love"
2st Album "Prayer From The Stars"
Available on

iTunesSpotifyGoogle Play MusicAmazon MusicLINE Music so on




Reina is a Japanese female singer-songwriter, who was born and raised in Okayama, Japan. 
When she was in Tokyo University, she was singing demo songs for Japanese and foreign professional singers. After graduation, she started working for one of the largest manufacturing companies in Japan. While working in foreign countries, she had some chances to sing in front of the local people and then realized that music has the power to connect people of different backgrounds and that she really loves it.
So she restarted her career as a singer in May 2018.
She writes songs and covers variety of songs in Japanese, English and Spanish and she especially loves songs from theatre musicals and R&B. With her angelic voice, she sings tenderly and sometimes strongly. 


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